Monday, August 3, 2009

Super mario Galaxy review

I'm sure most of you already played this game,but I'm gonna write a review anyway.To this day Mario galaxy is the best looking game you'll find on the wii(The Conduit looks great too),Nintendo really wanted to push their hadware to have people saying,"Mario galaxy looks super!".And it does,but is that the limit to Nintendo wii's graphic capabilities? I wouldn't really know but Mario galaxy was made during the beginning of the wii's life cycle,so only time will tell.

Mario galaxy is the same old story,browser kidnaps the princess and you have to try and rescue her.But this time....your in space!(hence the word "galaxy") And you come along a space observatory where you meet a women that should try out for a princess "look a like" contest(They look the same,only she's taller).After talking out the details,your finally able to explore the galaxys which are rich and flowing with colours.

The gameplay is where Galaxy will hook you,it follows its old game mechanics(Super mario64's agility) which is awesome in its own right.You can also use the "IR" pointer to pickup,shoot enemies and complete certain objectives required of you to reach your destination.A two player mode is also available but its just the IR pointer they'll be using to pickup star bits,shoot enemies and make Mario jump higher.

All in all,Super Mario Galaxy is a "must have" for any Nintendo wii owner,it could be easy at times but there are levels where you'll be surely frustrated to even play the game(purple coins pickup is the worst!).Buy it and have fun gaming!

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