Friday, August 28, 2009

Why Nintendo need not sweat Microsoft or Sony

For those of you worrying that Nintendo has nothing planned for the future,don't be because in Nintendo's eyes their doing exactly what the doctor ordered.


Top Secret: Massive PS3 Exclusive Now On The Horizon

Anyone who owns a "PS3" is in luck because an exclusive game is soon to come to the system.


Xbox 360 with 250GB HDD and Forza 3 Spotted

Be prepared for an awesome deal coming soon if your Microsoft lover because a new xbox sku is coming out with a deal to even make "Sony fan-boys" blush.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Pirate Bay Returns With Guns Blazing

Those of  you who had experienced technical difficulties downloading torrents off Pirate bay, well it was because the site were in the mist of a legal battle and a few other problems but now their up and running! Check the link for the full story.


One of the most provacative magazine covers for a Wii game

The Nintendo wii has been know for its "Family friendly" image when it comes to its games but in some cases,you'll find games which are more "Mature themed".Take a look at the link to read the full story.


360's Facebook and Twitter only for Gold members

Another great service is coming to the Xbox 360 system  but its only allowed to gold members.While I welcome this addition,it seems pretty selfish to offer this service to only "Gold members".Here's to hoping they reconsider.


Uncharted 2 Makes PS3 Shine; Couldn't Happen on 360

PS3's new game called " Uncharted 2" will push the system over new lengths of graphically horse power.This game has been critically acclaimed by ""everyone" who has had the chance to play it.For the full story,checkout the link.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nintendo may release a wii football controller

Believe me,I'm as shocked as most of you! But is Nintendo becoming too dependent on "Wii peripheral?" Write a comment to let me know.


What Would An Xbox 360 Slim Look Like? -- What to Expect & Why It'll Happen

Ever wished that Xbox 360 would make a "slimed version" of their system? Well it ain't too far fetch and will probably be happening pretty soon down the line.


Game consoles can drive up utility bills if left on

Here's the run down list of how much you could be spending on utility bills if you leave your gaming systems on.


Monday, August 24, 2009

50 Of The Best iPhone Games

If you have an iphone and wanna know which games are worth your time and money,checkout the link for the list.


Dad's Tribute: Call of Duty on Soldier Son's Grave

Sometimes a game can be meant as a loving gesture.Check the link for the full story.


$300 bundle = Xbox 360 Elite, Halo 3 and Wireless Network Adapter

This is Microsoft's way of competing with the Sony Playstation "Slim".It should be pretty interesting to see how this goes.


Metal Gear And Microsoft Exclusive Deal A Reality? HipHopGamerShow 8/23/09

New video from the "Hip-hop Gmer" show.


Should we boycott Shadow Complex?

This is a touché issue where we believe people are entitled to their own opinions.But where exactly do we cross the line when it involves other people than ourselves?

Check the link for the full story.


Hello Mr. 54% failure rate, why do I love you?

Anyone who has an Xbox 360 should give this article a read.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Development Cost for Gears of War 2 Revealed

Now you'll have an idea of how much good games cost to make.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Xbox360 Elite to drop to $299 on September 1st

Those looking to buy an Xbox elite system will be satisfied because Microsoft will be dropping the price.


After Introducing the iPhone 3GS – a New Patent Points to What's Next

Apple's got money on their minds because they are planning on releasing a new model type phone.


PSP's Metal Gear Solid Will Require "Hundreds of Hours" to Complete

The new Metal gear solid game will have your hands full with the amount of hours it takes to complete the game.


Six New Diablo 3 Screenshots

Diablo fans,checkout these awesome new screens.


Play Shadow Complex for free

Anyone looking to play this amazing game for free,check the link to find out.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wii Speak could be added to Monster Hunter 3 in North America

Now there's even more reason to picking this game up.


New Scribblenauts screens, trailer and creative director interview delights

This game is a must buy,you gotta check it out people!


Konami explains why Peace Walker is only for PSP

Most likely it has to do with the story,it won't make sense if snake is "young" again.


Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner City Review

You should try this game out,but you can also read the review just to be sure.


Diablo 2 High Resolution patch, best thing since sliced bread

Diablo Fans rejoice! Cause now you'll be able to download a patch which will have your game running in "High res mode".Thats a good thing right?


Kitase "aiming" for FFXIII 360 to ship on 3 DVDs

For those of you Final fantasy fans,be prepared to be blown away because Square soft will be shipping "three" Cd's for your gaming pleasure!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teenager Beats Baby To Death With Joypad

17 year old Ethan Wolfe, has been linked to the murder of an infant by the name of "Julie Maus".The child was only 23 months old and didn't deserve what happened.

The murder occurred by a silly war game Ethan was playing.Ethan had lost a match and became very frustrated and ended waking up the baby.With the infant crying,it made Ethan more angry and then he struck Julie on top the head with his game remote then shot Juile against the the head of the bed.

Stories like this make me hate gaming where some people literally take it too far.I hope things as such never happen ever again.Rest in peace Julie Maus,will all be praying for you from now on.

Link to full story.Source

"GP2X Wiz" is here to replace the Nintendo DSI!

If your looking for a portable system which can play mostly all emulators,well then say hello to "GP2X Wiz".You'll be liking what they have to offer so checkout the link!


Mass effect 2 demo is overheating Xboxes

For this to happen,the game must have tons of content which makes the system work overtime just to keep up.Though it might look bad right now,I'm sure bioware will fix the problem.


PS3 Slim Officially Announced

Just like the Ps2 slim,Sony is making a slimmer version of their new system,"Ps3".Will any of you be picking this up?


Monday, August 17, 2009

The 10 Most Idiotic iPhone Apps

Just the title is enough.


AMD “Evergreen” Graphics Chips: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes… Nvidia!

For anyone who's looking to update their computer graphics card,Nvidia will be releasing a new one called "Evergreen".Be prepared to be amazed,as they say.Source

Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers comparable to a numbered FF

For those of you who own "only" an Nintendo Wii and are looking for a good Final fantasy game, Mr. Toshiyuki Itahana(director of the game) thinks its as comparable to the "numbered series!"

Thats a big statement but the people who make Final fantasy surely are believable.Be prepared to pick this game up soon.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

12 best iPhone and iPod touch games you've never heard of

Anyone looking to purchase an iphone game,please take at look at this list first.


Xbox Micro Makes the Wii Look Overweight

It looks pretty nice! Those looking to purchase it won't be to happy though because its only for display.


Court Gives Green Light to Lawsuit Representing Madden NFL Purchasers

For those of you who thought That "EA" cheated us by licensing all the football games,it might be coming to an end really soon.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Red Steel 2 to fix recalibration problem of MotionPlus

For anyone who has experienced Motion plus problems with wii sport resort,The developers of the game "Redsteel 2" now have found a way to correct that problem.Here's hoping it works!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Racism Is Ruining Online Gaming

There are times where I'm playing a game online and hear racial slurs.I understand the right to "Trash talk" but some people just take it way too far!

We need more morals in gaming because some people have no respect for others when playing online.Thats one of the main reasons why people are buying Nintendo products,they seem to have a balance on what type of social event is taking place in their virtual world.

Hopefully,gamers will learn to be more prudent and not allow for that sort of behavior.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Nintendo saved gaming

With so many people buy Nintendo products,you can't help but wonder "what if?".Check the link for the full story.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nintendo’s Patented Horseback Riding Wii Controller

Yes you heard it,Nintendo actually patented a "horseback riding" Wii controller.Its more of a inflatable seat which has pockets to place the Nintendo Wii remote while you hold the nunchuck to steer the on screen virtual character.

Its seems like Nintendo is always creating and developing,lets just hope they don't get ahead of themselves.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Facebook integrated with DSi in North America tonight

Who's ready for some Dsi facebook! Anyone?Facebook integrated with DSi in North America tonight

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Super mario Galaxy review

I'm sure most of you already played this game,but I'm gonna write a review anyway.To this day Mario galaxy is the best looking game you'll find on the wii(The Conduit looks great too),Nintendo really wanted to push their hadware to have people saying,"Mario galaxy looks super!".And it does,but is that the limit to Nintendo wii's graphic capabilities? I wouldn't really know but Mario galaxy was made during the beginning of the wii's life cycle,so only time will tell.

Mario galaxy is the same old story,browser kidnaps the princess and you have to try and rescue her.But this time....your in space!(hence the word "galaxy") And you come along a space observatory where you meet a women that should try out for a princess "look a like" contest(They look the same,only she's taller).After talking out the details,your finally able to explore the galaxys which are rich and flowing with colours.

The gameplay is where Galaxy will hook you,it follows its old game mechanics(Super mario64's agility) which is awesome in its own right.You can also use the "IR" pointer to pickup,shoot enemies and complete certain objectives required of you to reach your destination.A two player mode is also available but its just the IR pointer they'll be using to pickup star bits,shoot enemies and make Mario jump higher.

All in all,Super Mario Galaxy is a "must have" for any Nintendo wii owner,it could be easy at times but there are levels where you'll be surely frustrated to even play the game(purple coins pickup is the worst!).Buy it and have fun gaming!