Friday, July 24, 2009

NHL 2K10 is a real contender this year

If you own NHL 2K9(for any system),then I'm sure you've been pretty disappointed with the effort 2k has put in creating a true "hockey experience".EA's NHL offering is the best hockey game simulation you'll find on any system,which has tons of amazing motion captured animation and replay value is through the roof!

I (like many others)believe 2K atleast deserves another shot at proving their take on hockey is worth purchasing.So why am I such a believer? Simple,2K has implemented a "ton" of new features to satisfy even the most novice hockey gamers.

The Nintendo wii edition of NHL 2K10 is the version that stood out the most because of its robust amount of options.Wiispeak will be available,along with "motionplus" and Online play.Motionplus alone is enough to have you craving for this game(which I am!).Also there's a "2k share" menu where players can share almost...anything! Thats a feature which I found pretty amazing and worthwhile.

Listen,if you ain't a fan a hockey(Or sports for that matter),you might not be willing to check this game out,but those that are,be prepared to hit the Ice this fall.

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