Friday, April 10, 2015

Entrepreneurial feature

Having the chance of making a living online, has been nothing short of amazing. Missing out on meeting new people and enjoying " water cooler talk," is on the short list of negatives, though the latter half of said list makes up for it all (No traffic, staying comfy on cold days, going on frequent vacations, etc.).

With technology always advancing, it creates opportunities for us all. There's always a new ios/android type developer who's profiting from well received apps, cause smart phones and tablets have created themselves a niche in our 21st century. While the veterans of software coding are experiencing profitable returns, it's the new generation of kids who are taking the most from what is now a technological craze phenomenon.

Being old school myself, I tend to finds way that are a lot more simpler, and don't involve complicated algorithms just to complete a sprite to "walk."

If you're looking for a toned down way to earn money at home in your comfy slippers, here's the program I have for you.

It's called MPA , and you all should watch the video to get a basic idea on how it all works.

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