Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nintendo:Mistaken but not forsaken

Out of the three gaming companies(Microsoft,Sony,Nintendo), people always expect Nintendo to better than what they have accomplished.There's an imaginary bar set so high for them, that anything considered "mid-level" is either a failure or a misstep.You can easily place the 3DS in that category - $249 launch price, limited amount of software games during its launch, and a single circle pad.All those problem have been eradicated now, and Nintendo's more focus than ever.  

New lower price! 
More games incoming! 

Better than nothing, right?

I consider myself to be a gamer, and me liking both the NDS and the Wii, doesn't increase or decrease my "gamer score".I welcomed the concept of "new ways to play games", and having the option for the traditional method(control sticks), benefits everyone.And my lust for fpses, has increased exponentially!

Playing Call of Duty Black Ops on the Wii may not look as great as the other two HD hardware consoles, but the controls more than makes up for it.
                                            Fpses+touchscreen+IR aiming, equals this device;
Tablet on crack
It might look intimating at a quick glance, but people seem to enjoy the device.Knowing how creative Nintendo is, you can only imagine how incredible it'll actually be.The Wii U is Nintendo's first hardware console to feature high definition visuals - which to me, is pretty monumental.

All of a sudden, you got swagger now?
The Wii U is %100 BC(backward compatible) with original Wii software, and a limited amount of its hardware devices(Wii remote, nunchuck, classic controller, Wii balance board,etc.).The only thing that has me worried, is the Wii U's online service, but I'm sure Nintendo can resolve this issue with EA.


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